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Laminated Coverall

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A safe, reliable and lightweight Type 3B protection for the most varied applications. Coverall garments offer protection against many concentrated inorganic chemicals and particles inferior to 1μm.

The Coverall protective clothing meets EN 14126:2003 requirements for protection against biological hazards in the highest performance class. These garments offer maximum comfort as they are designed to provide the right fit and ease of movement.


  • Combination of chemical and biological protection in lightweight limited use garment.
  • Excellent protective clothing materials which undergo chemical permeation and mechanical properties testing by independent institutes requested by Laminated and complying with EU Standards.
  • Easy to dispose off since the protective clothing contains no halogen compounds. When contaminated they be disposed off as contaminated waste.
  • Reliable and constant quality: each garment is visually checked before leaving production.
  • Antistatic properties.
  • Breathable, lightweight and flexible material for exceptional wearer comfort.
  • Skin-friendly nonwoven material inside.
  • Comfortable, wearers feel better in them since they are extremely lightweight and very flexible.
  • The garments are designed to provide the right fit and ease of movement the wearer when completing difficult tasks.
  • Coverall garment are designed to fit the operators and protect them in hard working conditions environment.
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