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Disposable Lab Coats

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High specification Disposable Lab Coats - giving comfort and superior protection at affordable prices!


  • Full Length
  • Shirt Collar
  • Knitted Cuff
  • Colour: White
  • Front Snap Buttons
  • Range of Sizes S to XXXL
  • Available irradiated on request

Ordering Information

  • Minimum order 400.
  • Quantity discounts at 1000, 5000 and 10,000 +
  • Individually packed - 200 lab coats per carton

Available in 2 materials:

SMS - a multilayer material: - spunbond + meltblown + spunbond fabric, offers high tensile strength. Waterproof, chemical fluid resistant.

PPE + breathable film – also called Microporous: - a polypropylene fabric with microporous film laminated on the surface, protection against light liquid splashes and dangerous dusts. Waterproof, chemical fluid resistant with good breathability.

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